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Suspension system

Product lines includeTwin-tube shock Absorber, Strut cartridge, Shock Absorber With Spring Seat, Strut, Airbag Shock Absorber, Steering Damper, Adjustable Shock Absorber, Cabin Damper and spare parts
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Twin-tube shock Absorber

Nitrogen charged Inref telescopic shock absorbers greatly reduces the aeration and un-stability of vehicles,offers a comfortable riding experience for drivers.
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Strut cartridge

 InRef shock absorber can control the impact of springs,and control the accuracy of wheel position in driving state. The durability of shock absorbers offers maximum vehicle grip and stability.
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Shock Absorber With Spring Seat

InRef can offer shock Absorber With Spring Seat for passenger cars and heavy duties, with casting iron and aluminum housings.

Strut/Airbag Shock Absorber/Steering Damper/Adjustable Shock Absorber/Cabin Damper

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